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What’s Brewing for 2017

“Hot Rize is honored to announce we’ll be appearing over two days at the 10th Annual DelFest in Cumberland, MD as part of an all-star lineup featuring the amazing Del McCoury and his amazing band. Over two days we’ll be mixing it up with some great musicians. Red Knuckles & the Trailblazers are planning to stay up late so they can open the Saturday late late show for Leftover Salmon!”
— Pete Wernick

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Other exciting things are shaping up! Thus far we can announce these shows:

  • Hot Rize’s 20th performance at the Telluride Bluegrass Festival
  • A return to California’s Strawberry Festival, first played by the band in 1983
  • A debut at the Ogden Music Festival, their first Utah appearance this century!
  • The band’s first gig at Dollywood, Sevierville, TN

Several festivals will present “Hot Rize – Plus” — for two or three days. “Plus” includes not only Red Knuckles & Co., but at different times the Bryan Sutton Band, Nick Forster & Danny Barnes, Pete & Joan Wernick, and Tim O’Brien solo sets. The guys are looking forward to mixing it up with a passel of musical friends old and new. Stay tuned for details!

Cool Video from the “When I’m Free” Tour!

Touring behind “When I’m Free” in 2015 and 2016, Hot Rize traveled to three foreign countries, over 30 states, and played at over 30 festivals. The audience responses were all they could have hoped for – everywhere they went. Check out the Hot Rize Facebook page for pictures and videos from their performances. Thanks everyone, and stay tuned!

Night of the Living Red; How Red Knuckles & the Trailblazers Almost Destroyed RockyGrass

In Their Words: “It was a shock to us members of Hot Rize to be overlooked by our Colorado ‘homebase’ festival RockyGrass — and have them hire our sidekick band instead. Red Knuckles & the Trailblazers don’t even play bluegrass! The Blazers got so excited they invited a lot of surprise guests, including go-go dancers and a bunch of ‘bluegrass zombies’ … something we didn’t even know existed.

The Trailblazers pretty much ruined the festival ambiance, but in this strange Trumped-up world, that seemed just right for the RockyGrass festivarians. Some of the footage may seem faked, but it’s all for real … sorry to say!” — Pete Wernick (“Dr. Banjo”)

Hot Rize on Bluegrass Underground, over 300′ below!

Bryan Sutton: IBMA Guitar player of the year!

Congrats to Bryan Sutton on winning International Bluegrass Music Association’s Guitar player of the year. We are so glad to have you on our team…and so cool of you to dedicate the award to Charles Sawtelle.

Hot Rize Plays the Streets of New York

Hot Rize’s latest video for ‘Your Light Leads Me On’ was filmed by Mason Jar Music right in Times Square, surrounded by… well, check it out! Here is what Pete had to say about this rare experience (and more in his video below):
“As the only native New York City boy in the group, very familiar with Times Square, it was wild and weird to be picking banjo there, plowing along through the curious onlookers, not to mention Batman, the Statue of Liberty, Disney characters, etc. The lights of the giant video billboards really contrast ironically with what the song is about… a lonesome driver saying to the moon, ‘your light leads me on.’ “

‘Ask Dr. Banjo’

Pete talks about his favorite memories from the recent Hot Rize tour including making the new video for ‘A Cowboy’s Life’.

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2017 Shows

Hot Rize w/ Red Knuckles & The Trailblazers

No shows booked at the moment.

Hot Rize is booking more shows for 2017,
so check back to see what’s cookin’!


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